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Fingersoft is studio based in Oulu. Creators of titles like, Hill Climb Racing and Javelin Master.

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A Small indie studio based at Kotka. Creators of awesome titles like Tiltagon and Hover Crash.

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Umbra 3D

Studio that doesn’t make games by themselves but creating something that is applied to many triple A games like Call of Duty series and Witcher 3.

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What next?

We are doing more content all the time, and you can never know what will come next, so stay tuned and follow our channel!

Streaming services

We do also recording.
Everything you do can be shared, and we just happen to know how.

Holding an event can be though task sometimes and sometimes thinking about streaming or recording the event doesn't even come to mind - Not event talking about recruiting your own AV crew for the event. That is where we come handy. Our streaming services is a easy way to get your event out there. We have the gear and competent staff to help you out, and with reasonable costs! We are fast and flexible, so even tight schedule isn't a problem. We offer HD quality multi-camera stream and video productions up to 4 cameras, if you have any other needs, please let us know and we can work it out! Why we can promise you this? Because we work with it every day.

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