What is Devs.TV? is platform catered for individuals and companies in the games industry, whether they have an established history or are just getting started on their journey. It is a new social media that aims at globally closing the gaps between educational institutions, employers and individual developers. While the fully-fletched platform is still under development, the current beta version offers the first set of free features for developers to use to showcase their skills and share their creations, including a jobs board, portfolio tools and different social features, with much more planned ahead.
What is DevsTalk?
DevsTalk is a new monthly talk show that is produced in collaboration with IGDA Finland. The idea of the show is to host an entertaining and educational series of talks for gaming professionals and new aspiring developers by featuring a different gaming industry specific theme and new guest speakers each month. The series is produced in front of a live audience in Helsinki, Finland, and the shows can be watched via the featured live streams and past recordings on our platform, or optionally by joining in the audience of the live event itself.
Who are the Team?
We at have a comprehensive history and experience from the games industry and related fields, with our combined set of skills ranging from business and community management to event, video and game production among other things. Our team’s effort are intent towards facilitating overall talent development and helping people stay connected and establish their careers in the fast-paced industry of game development. For us, it’s about the passion and the community - and the awesome games hence created by these talents.
Our Future Plans
Get in Touch
Interested in a partnership? Want to speak at our Events? Found a bug or have a question? Feel free to drop us a line and reach out to us with the e-mail below!
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