DevsCast Ep. 2 - Tuomas Suokko
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A new episode arrives! DevsCast is our in-house podcast series, hosted by me. In it I go find game developers, and sit down with them to talk about how they got in the industry, things that they've experienced, what's going on right now, etc.

In this episode, I grabbed Tuomas Suokko, who is the chairman of the board of of KAIO ry, and an engineering student at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Again we go over his backgrounds, before we move on to what it's like being an engineer, some big mistakes students do, and some issues he sees in the education right now. Give it a listen, and please give feedback, so future episodes can become better!

This is a repost of the original one, due to moving all these posts to DevsCast page. Content is still the same!

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