DevsCast Ep. 3 - Greg Louden
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"Enthusiasm is a multiplier. You can have less experience, but if you have more enthusiasm, you can actually allow more, and achieve more."

This weeks guest is Greg Louden, Chief Convict of Convict Games, and Narrative Director at Housemarque. I met him during GameDevDays in Tallinn, we hit off, and now we had a chance to sit down and chat. Starting from his film backgrounds, we talk about how he got into narrative design after doing VFX for movies, before we talk about soul and passion. Nicely rounding off we chat a little about Hideo Kojima; his impact, and his movie influences. Give it a listen, it was so nice I need to chat him twice!

DevsCast is our in-house podcast series, hosted by me. In it I go find game developers, and sit down with them to talk about how they got in the industry, things that they've experienced, what's going on right now, etc.

This is a repost of the original one, due to moving all these posts to DevsCast page. Content is still the same!

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